Letter From Pastor Denise

Dear Beloved JUMC Family, 

I send this to you with prayers that you are all doing well and are lifting your cares and fears to our God. He is very big and carries this whole situation in his very capable hands. 

Due to the current health emergency, Montgomery County’s declarations on March 12th, and the National State of Emergency called by President Trump, please note the following:

All events for the rest of March at JUMC are cancelled or postponed!   

This means our Lenten Bible Study on Tuesday evenings, Sunday School, meetings, any activity scheduled in the life of JUMC is cancelled.   

This also means there will be no Sunday Worship at JUMC through the end of March.

 This is an unprecedented situation we are all in, and it saddens my heart to make this decision, but it is vitally important that we all do our part to slow down the spread of this virus and stay away from other people in order to allow this to happen. 

I encourage you to be in the Word and in Prayer for our church family, community, country and this world as we face this powerful illness.   We are providing a link here – that will take you to the FaceBook page for LIghthouse Fellowship UMC (Pastor Cindy’s Church).  They will be live-streaming worship on Sunday at 10:30 am.  You can engage in worship with them and stay connected in a new and different way.  Lighthouse celebrates communion every week.  If you would like to participate during the livestream, please have ready a small glass of juice or water and a piece of plain bread or a plain cracker on a napkin for each person in your house.  You can follow the Pastor’s instructions and join in.

Please mail your tithes and offerings into the church office while this emergency continues to 328 Summit Ave, Jenkintown, PA 19046.    Just wave it before the Lord in thanks and stick it in the real mail. Amen! Thank-you. 

If you are in need, please don’t hesitate to contact Pastor Denise at 215-439-1259 or email her at 2pastorsjumc@gmail.com.

If you become ill or have a prayer request, please tell the Pastor so that we can all pray for you. Obviously, this has happened rather quickly after watching the movement of the coronavirus across Asia and Europe for these many weeks. We are doing our best to help stem the tide of the virus in our area and to cooperate with authorities, while praying in faith for an end to this worldwide emergency.

Join us in prayer, take every precaution and fear not! God is with us and this too shall pass.

Check on our older members and friends, see if someone needs a ride or groceries or a hand.  We will get through this together. With God’s great grace and love I pray His peace over us all. 

With much love and prayer,

Pastor Denise